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Emulsifying stirring Dispersing ( Lab Classic Series, Lab W Series, Lab Sealed Emulsifying machine, Hi Shear Emulsifying machine, Pipeline Emulsifying machine, Bottom Emulsifying machine, Jet Emulsifying machine, Agitator, Compound Combined Agitator, Lab dispersing machine, Ind dispersing machine, Lab Agitator ) Wet Grinding equipment ( Lab Wet Grinding equipment, 2分钟赛车Ind Wet Grinding equipment ) Reaction Storage Series ( Reactor, Cylinder, tank, Weighing metering tank ) 2分钟赛车Static Mixer & Filter ( S Series Static Mixers, JHF static mixer, HK static mixing heat exchanger, Jet mixer, Pipe filter, Bag filter, Mobile type filter ) Daily Chemical & Coating ( Cosmetic equipment, Liquid washing equipment, 2分钟赛车Washing powder equipment, Coating equipment ) Complete series of special ( Heavy oil, Diesel oil emulsion, Asphalt emulsification & modification, Grease equipment ) Non-standard custom ( Silicone oil Emulsification, 2分钟赛车Pesticide EW & SC equipment, Ink Equipment, Oil Blending ) Powder Equipment ( Powder Mixer, Powder Conveyor )
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  • 5,乳化机,捷流式乳
  • 4,行星搅拌,管线乳
  • 3,砂磨机,蓝磨机,
  • 2,反应釜,剪切罐,
  • 1,混合器,过滤器,
Emulsifying Stirring Dispersing
Wet Grinding equipment
Reaction Storage Series
Static Mixer & Filter
Daily Chemical & Coating
Complete series of special
Non-standard custom
Powder Equipment
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ShangHai QuanJian Mechanical & Electrical CO.,LTD is a chemical supply equipment manufacturing enterprises, mainly involved in emulsification, shear, mixing, dispersion, reaction, preparation, blending, filtration and other processes, covering petrochemicals, fine chemicals, household chemicals, Food, medicine, pesticide, fertilizer, building materials, inks, dyes and other industries.
        The company provides both common or standard type of emulsion mixing equipment, and specia-lizes in private or non-standard form of the device design and processing. Whether stand-alone device emulsion stirred pipeline process is complete, are to meet the needs of the user processto ensure that the interests of users as its mission to create. [Details]
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Address :No. 547 west Tian Mu Xi Road, Shanghai, Room B2604 (near by South Square for Shanghai Railway Station)
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